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CAKE 3.1 Released

March 10, 2015

Dear all,

Tessella and Syngenta are pleased to announce that CAKEv3.1 is now available for download from
We would like to thank Ian Hardy of Battelle and Simon Ford of JSC International for their support during development and also all those who have reported bugs in sufficient detail for us to reproduce them.

This new version of CAKE combines the ease of use of the previous version, with substantial enhancements and many bug-fixes.
The full list is available in the release notes on the Tessella site.

The key enhancements are:
• Enhanced topology – now allows for up to three primary metabolites and increased flexibility throughout the pathway.
• Biphasic metabolites – primary metabolites can now be fitted with the DFOP model where appropriate.
• Extra solver – use of this fitting routine is still transparent but can now be configured to run only the steps when it is required.
• Hockey-stick model – the default option for this model now includes an automatic pre-run to determine the best starting point for tb.
o the IORE model used in NAFTA evaluations is now available
o there is an option to run the model fitting sequence in the same way as PESTDFV and generate a spreadsheet with the graphical and statistical output required by US EPA.

Additional fixes:
– Compound naming table
– Occasional missing intermediate fit reports
– Loss of data on save and re-open
– Robust metabolite statistics
– Confidence intervals all included, in line with new EFSA guidance
– Many more minor fixes

We welcome feedback on this new version, suggestions for future enhancements and details of any bugs found via the blog at


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  1. Kalumbu Malekani permalink

    Downloaded CAKE v3.1 recently. I have the Hockey Stick and FOMC models grayed out and the only models I can run are SFO, DFOP and IORE. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • The available options for the fit are controlled by the application preferences. From the File menu, select “Application Preferences” and you will be able to select the kinetics guidance which is current selected (FOCUS, NAFTA). The default setting is NAFTA at the moment which does not include HS or FOMC fitting which are part of FOCUS guidance when CAKE 3 was developped. If you want all the fitting options, you can select both guidelines and then all the fitting tools will be available to you

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