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Problem with CAKE and Non-Default R Installation

December 7, 2011

It has been reported that with a non-default R installation (e.g. c:\R\R2.12.2), that CAKE throws an error when starting that it cannot find R.

This is described in the installation page of the online help, although it is easily missed and it does require creating a file where CAKE is installed.

To get CAKE to detect R if is installed in a non-standard place, you need to create a file called RLocation.txt in the CAKE directory (usually C:\program files\syngenta\CAKE). The file should contain one line which is the path to R, e.g. C:\R\R2.12.2 (in the case used above as an example).

There have been instances of problems with updates to the R package and CAKE not working properly. It is possible to have more than one version of R installed. If you retain the version 2.12.2 for which CAKE was tested and create the RLocation.txt file in the CAKE installation folder then you can ensure tha CAKE is pointing at the version of R for which it has been tested rather than at another R version for which testing was not carried out

In all cases seen to date, this has fixed the problems


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  1. I have had different problems when using the most recent version of ‘R’. The packages that have been installed from the CRAN mirrors do not appear to be able to plot the graphs in CAKE. To get around this, I have found that I can use the most recent release of version 2 of ‘R’ along with the packages downloaded with the CAKE install files that come ‘with packages’. Version 3 of ‘R’ did not work.

    I managed to get this to work on a Win-XP 32-bit system, but not on a Win-2008server 64-bit system.

    • We are currently in the final stages of an update to the CAKE package which will address the problems with the R version. It seems that around R2.15, a change was made to the mkin (I think) package which was not backwards compatible with the R2.12 implementation

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