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CAKE 1.4 Released

November 24, 2011

CAKE is a simple to use tool which impliments the FOCUS Kinetics guidance to generate degradation kinetics. Sponsored by Syngenta, CAKE was developped by Tessella Support Services plc (who also developped the SWAN tool for FOCUS surface water mitigation).

Version 1.4 of CAKE has been released and can be downloaded from the Tessella web site at [url][/url]


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  1. Dear CAKE team,

    Congratulations to the nice tool. I had been thinking about a GUI for mkin myself, and I am happy to see that you have realized some useful functionality, e.g. the possibility to freely combine models and datasets in a graphical way to ease project work. It is also nice to see the additional functionality like iteratively reweighted least squares fitting. Anyway, to me CAKE is a nice example of easily usable software.

    Thank you also for making this blog available including the comment functionality!

    I also appreciate that you publish the R scripts that do the work under the hood under the GPL and that you acknowledge if they are derived from mkin within these files. Is it possible to download them anywhere from a separate URL? As I am using Linux at home, I am not sure how I could extract these from the installer. Also, I am not sure if publishing the installer satisfies the GPL requirement to publish the source code.

    I would even like to propose the following: If you are interested, you could publish the code on BerliOS by setting up a user account there: I would add you to the mkin project and we could set up the CAKE scripts as a branch of mkin. This would make code exchange easier as we progress and we could maybe work towards convergence between the available tools. However, never mind if you do not want to do that, it’s just a thought.

    Kind regards,

    Johannes Ranke
    Main author of mkin

  2. Hi Johannes
    Many thanks for your comments. The R scripts for CAKE are installed as part of the installation process into an RScript folder under the main installation folder.

    As a courtesy to non-Windows users, the developers have placed an extra zip file on the download site containing the R-script files for CAKE. I hope this helps

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